Fire Temples that are cherished by the Parsi community

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An Agiary, also known as an Atash Behram, is a fire temple and a place of worship for Zoroastrians, also known as Parsis. Mumbai, being home to a significant Parsi community, has several Agiaries scattered across the city. Here are some notable Agiaries in Mumbai:

Wadiaji Atash Behram: Located in Princess Street, South Mumbai, Wadiaji Atash Behram is one of the oldest and most prominent fire temples in the city. It was consecrated in 1830 and is considered one of the highest-ranking Agiaries.

Maneckji Seth Agiary: Situated in Fort, South Mumbai, Maneckji Seth Agiary is another historic fire temple in Mumbai. It was established in 1758 and is renowned for its intricate architecture and beautifully maintained sanctum.

Anjuman Atash Behram: Located in Marine Lines, South Mumbai, Anjuman Atash Behram is one of the eight Atash Behrams (highest grade of fire temples) in the world. It was consecrated in 1897 and is an important religious institution for the Parsi community.

Dadar Parsi Colony Agiary: Situated in Dadar Parsi Colony, this fire temple is a significant place of worship for the Parsi community in the Dadar area. It is known for its peaceful ambiance and regular religious ceremonies.

Cama Baug Agiary: Located in Grant Road, Cama Baug Agiary is a revered fire temple within the Cama Baug Parsi Colony. It was consecrated in 1921 and serves as a spiritual center for the local Parsi community.

These are just a few examples of Agiaries in Mumbai. The city has several more fire temples that are cherished by the Parsi community and hold cultural and religious significance.

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